Christian Lanctôt

IT Consultant

I am offering services to any IT project that involves data, in particular for the development of interfaces or APIs.


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I was trained as a scientist and pursued a successful research career in academia and in industry. I gained a solid expertise in project management within small and large teams.

In 2018, I reoriented my career toward an initial passion, computing, which had brought me at the early age of 16 to commercialize software written in assembly language.

I now have 5 years of experience working with data in the field of healthcare and telecommunications. I am looking to apply my expertise to solving complex data management and analysis problems.

My personal philosophy is well illustrated by the following relationships.

creation > copy

knowledge > information

contents > container



Talend, Web Services, Camel, ActiveMQ, Mirth Connect


Collection, storage, analysis, modeling, visualization. Numerical, text and geospatial data.


Python, Java, C, Javascript, Rust, Web Development


Leadership, meet timeline requirements, communication, technical and administrative writing

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Some of the projects I recently worked on.

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Drummondville, Quebec